Early American portraits

European portrait painting of the 18th century is an already established genre. However, in the meantime, samples are born in America that amaze with a deficient skill level. The faces of the depicted are devoid of volume, and their bodies are anatomically disproportionate.
Zedekiah Belknap (1781-1858). Portrait of girl in white dress holding a black kitten
Zedekiah Belknap (1781-1858). Becky Sherwin Warren, 1828
Zedekiah Belknap (1781-1858). Portrait of Children with Cat, c. 1830
Of course, examples in the American portrait art of the 18th century stand out among the bulk of portraits. However, they were created mainly by European masters or by Americans working in Europe. These American painters included Mather Brown, born in Massachusetts but trained in London, and John Vanderlyn of New York, who studied in Paris.
The lack of a portrait art tradition in America was the reason for the emergence of such primitive portraits.
Zedekiah Belknap (1781-1858), attributed to - New England Girl Holding Squeak Toy with Cat, c. 1830
Sheldon Peck (1797-1868) Child with Dog
Sheldon Peck (1797-1868) Portrait of a Young Girl
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